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Facebook against Usul Ad-Din or Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Mohammed Caricature

The Pakistan Court obligated its country authorities to block access to the social network Facebook after they received the information about upcoming caricature contest (this May) devoted to the Mohammed depiction.

Thi... Read more

European Officials are concerned about Google’s Data Access

Google logo

Well known that Google takes their pictures for the Street View Project with help of Google cars that take not only photographs but also some private information that can be accessible by their gadgets. It may include different kinds of info... Read more

New Plans from Skype

Skype plans

Everyone, especially a geek has used Skype at least once to talk not only to friends and relatives far away from you but also to colleagues like employers or employees when you have a remote work or when there are many offices around the world or even in the same city. The technologies allow talking when the interlocutors are in differe... Read more

China Behind Seven Seals

We got used to use the Internet to communicate with friends, have a gossip, discuss any political, economic or cultural events. It’s a huge information resource as well: the news from any country can be available for anyone. Though it’s not that simple as for a bit about China.

It’s well known that Google refused cooperating with China, though it can’t denote the final abruption of all communication and information connections between China and the rest of the world. The Chinese G... Read more

Microsoft Suite 2010 Release

Microsoft 2010 Release

Microsoft 2010 Suite is nearing completion, it has been reported in the official blog of Microsoft Office Dev... Read more

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